Management Theory and Practice,
9th Edition

Gerald A Cole, Phil Kelly

ISBN-13: 9781473769724 | ISBN-10: 1473769728

Copyright 2020

| Published 2020

| 640 pages

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Meet the Authors

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The late Gerald Cole worked and taught in a wide variety of large and small organizations in the public and private sectors. He held two non-executive directorships and was also an external examiner at Middlesex University.

Phil Kelly is a Programme Leader and Reader at Liverpool Business School. He teaches management on a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Prior to this, he was a business practitioner and worked for 20 major companies across the world. He has a Doctorate in Business Administration from Manchester University.

  • Fully updated with new examples to provide students with the latest challenges and developments in modern management.
  • New, revised structure provides a logical and contemporary approach to management education reflecting the latest evolution of the subject matter.
  • Improved theory and practice combination provides a comprehensive course in management education and ensures students gain a solid theoretical grounding with essential practical application.
  • The easy to follow three-part structure, covering theory, practice and business processes, makes this a highly accessible guide to management theory and practice in the workplace
  • Up-to-date case studies and vignettes investigating the management methods of some of the most successful companies in the world, help students apply the theory of management to practical strategies.
  • Skills sheets help learners to develop the skills they will need in their future careers.
  • The accessible reading style with concise chapters helps students to stay focused, with key concepts and learning outcomes so they can easily keep track of their progress.
  • A fully updated Companion Website is available with a Lecture Guide and Notes, PowerPoint slides and Case Studies as well as a Test Bank.

Table of Contents

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Part One – Management Theory
Section One – Introduction
1. Management – An Introduction
2. Organizations
3. Classical Management
Section Two – Human Relations – Early Theories
4. Motivation Theories
5. Leadership Theories
6. Group Work Theories
7. Organizational Culture and Climate
Section Three – Systems Theories
8. Systems and Contingency Theories
9. Management Information Systems Theory
Section Four – Managing Strategically
10. Strategic Management
11. International Strategy and Leadership
Section Five – Contemporary Approaches to Management Theory- New Perspectives Explored
12. Management Theory in Turbulent Times
13. Management (Competence) Theories
Part Two – Management in Practice
Section Six – Planning, Leading and Strategizing
14. The Environment
15. Strategy
16. Implementing and Managing Strategy
Section Seven – Organizing
17. Organizing the Workforce
18. Organizing Work
19. Organizing for Innovation
20. Organizing for Productivity and Responsiveness
21. Reorganizing: Managing Change
Section Eight – Motivating
22. Motivating Individual Employees
23. Motivation in Groups and Teams
Section Nine – Controlling
24. Organizational Control
25. Managing Quality
26. Managing Risk
Part Three – Business Functions and Processes
Section Ten – Marketing
27. Marketing Fundamentals
28. Traditional Marketing Tools
29. Customer-Oriented Marketing Approaches
30. Digital Marketing
31. Sales Management
Section Eleven – Operations
32. Procurements
33. Logistics
34. Production
35. SCM Systems and Technology
Section Twelve – Human Resources
36. Human Resource Management (HRM)
37. Managing the Employee Lifecycle
38. Performance Management
39. International Human Resource Management (IHRM)
Section Thirteen – Financial Aspects of Management
40. Accounting and Finance
41. Budgeting
Section Fourteen – Managing Information Resources
42. Managing Information Resources
43. Digital Technologies

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Management Theory and Practice

  • ISBN-10: 1473769728
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