Strategy: An International Perspective,
7th Edition

Bob de Wit

ISBN-13: 9781473765856 | ISBN-10: 1473765854

Copyright 2020

| Published 2020

| 848 pages

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Bob de Wit is Professor of Strategic Leadership at Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands. He is also founder and director of Strategy Works and Strategy Academy in Rotterdam, and reviewer for the Strategic Management Society conference. Bob’s research focuses on the future of businesses, industries and countries as the result of digital technologies, a subject on which he delivers presentations and keynote speeches around the globe.

  • It explores start-ups in traditional industries such as Cogoport and Beyond Meat, all using new technology to strategic advantage.
  • New text demonstrates how large, traditional companies, such as Nestle and Goldman Sachs, are using strategy to transform themselves and respond to smaller, nimbler disrupters.
  • Explores the development of digital technologies through contemporary strategy cases including Spotify, Amazon and Google.
  • A fully updated companion website is available for lecturers teaching your course with PowerPoint slides, case teaching notes and a test bank.
  • New content on the digital revolution that companies are going through is weaved throughout the text, addressing key elements and demonstrating to students how it fits in to the paradox.
  • Each chapter focuses on a key strategic issue illustrating the discussion from a variety of angles, providing careful guidance but leaving readers to draw their own conclusions.
  • A strong international orientation reflected in the choice of topics, theories, readings, examples and cases ensures learners gain a critically global view.
  • Includes original readings and cases giving the student access to a first-hand account of the ideas and theories of influential strategy thinkers.
  • Multiple strategy perspectives provide students with a broad range of views.

Table of Contents

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Section I – Strategy
1. Introduction
2. Strategizing
3. Missioning and visioning
Section II – Strategy Content
4. Business level strategy
5. Corporate level strategy
6. Network level strategy
Section III – Strategy Process
7. Strategy formation
8. Strategic change
9. Strategic innovation
Section IV – Strategy Context
10. The industry context
11. The organizational context
12. The international context
Section V – Cases
1 Zara: Fast fashion in the digital age
2 Bitcoin: A disruptive innovation or a bubble set to burst?
3 ‘Compassion vs competitiveness’ dilemma at Novo Nordisk
4 Amazon.com’s business model and its evolution
5 Alphabet Inc.: Reorganizing Google
6 Renault-Nissan alliance: Will further integration create more synergies?
7 Time for a change at The Change Foundation
8 Federated Co-Operatives Limited: Change management
9 Netflix Inc.
10 Tesla Motors’ business model configuration
11 Ricardo Semler: A revolutionary model of leadership
12 Huayi Brothers: Strategic transformation

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