Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry,
5th Edition

Floyd Vogt, Gary Brackett

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| Published 2019

| 816 pages

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Created through a partnership between Home Builders Institute (HBI) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), this best-selling resource uses a visual, practical, instructional approach to teach you how to build a home and help you develop essential skills. RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY: CARPENTRY, Fifth Edition, provides a logical, sequential introduction to essential construction topics. Each chapter begins with learning objectives and a glossary, features relevant pictures and diagrams to reinforce key ideas, and concludes with construction procedures and review questions. Throughout the text, the authors also highlight important techniques, tools, materials, code requirements, and best practices you'll need to know as you begin your career in residential building construction.

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Meet the Authors

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Floyd Vogt is a sixth-generation carpenter and contractor. His family operated a small business devoted to all phases of home construction, and he began working in the family business at age 15. After completing a B.A. in chemistry at the State University of New York College at Oneonta, Mr. Vogt returned to the field as a self-employed remodeler. In 1985 he began teaching in the carpentry program at the State University of New York, Delhi. He has taught many courses, including light framing, advanced framing, math, energy-efficient construction, finish carpentry, finish masonry, and estimating. Mr. Vogt is currently a professor emeritus in the construction design-build management bachelor's degree program, where his course responsibilities included residential construction, AutoCAD, construction seminar, and physical science applications. He has also served as a carpentry regional coordinator for Skills-USA and as a post-secondary Skills-USA student advisor. Mr. Vogt is the co-author of CARPENTRY, and he is a member of a local town board.

After completing a B.S. in geology and a graduate internship in remote sensing, Gary Brackett worked for local contractors while contemplating career choices. Thoroughly enjoying the field work, he took steps to become a self-employed contractor, spending 16 years in residential construction before taking a teaching position in SUNY Delhi’s carpentry program. While there, he taught a variety of courses related to residential construction, including light frame construction, advanced framing, finish carpentry, cabinetmaking, millwork, woodcarving, and more. Hired as an instructor, he progressed through the ranks to full professor. Mr. Brackett moved into the Construction Technology and Management program in 2013, where he teaches residential building systems I and II, construction materials, architectural graphics, design-build management, sustainable building practices, building science, residential millwork, and more. He was instrumental in landing a grant from the National Housing Endowment to create a Residential Construction Management track at SUNY Delhi. Gary is often involved in hands-on projects to help students gain practical experience through applied learning, and he is currently designing and building several tiny houses for use in the community. He also holds an M.S. in education from SUNY Oswego, is the author of DEWALT CARPENTRY AND FRAMING, and contributes to other publications.

  • The Fifth Edition includes new and updated learning objectives related to major topics covered in each chapter.
  • Updated to align with chapter learning objectives, review questions in each chapter provide a useful way to assess student learning and encourage further engagement with the material.
  • A glossary with English and Spanish terms and English definitions makes the material more accessible for students who speak English as a second language.
  • Throughout the text, Green Tips and Green Checklists feature advice and current information related to "green" construction methods, providing exposure to this increasingly important aspect of the industry.
  • "Know your codes" features encourage familiarity with local and regional building codes, prompting readers to research codes that will impact each project to help them develop this critical on-the-job skill.
  • Drawing on decades of real-world, on-the-job experience, the authors feature safety information prominently throughout the text to reinforce the importance of safe workplace practices.
  • A section dedicated to procedures provides additional detail on key processes and practices students are likely to encounter on the job.
  • Designed to offer clear guidance and strong preparation for individuals entering the workforce, this practical, career-focused text is based on skill standards developed by construction professionals and educators through the Home Builders Institute (HBI) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
  • Chapter summaries provide a useful, convenient rundown of key concepts to help students review and master the material.
  • "From experience" features offer practical advice from an expert carpenter, including tricks of the trade to simplify complex techniques and help readers complete procedures successfully.
  • Each chapter includes a "consider and compare" page with ideas to help stimulate critical thinking and encourage classroom discussion.
  • A complete support package is available to enhance teaching and learning, including a workbook, instructor's resource guide, PowerPoint® presentations, testing materials, image library, DVDs, companion website, and more.
  • Integrated throughout the text, abundant pictures and diagrams showcase current tools, techniques, and best practices to prepare readers for success in today's dynamic industry.

Table of Contents

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1. Hand Tools.
2. Hand Power Tools.
3. Stationary Power Tools.
4. Wood and Wood Products.
5. Fasteners.
6. Jobsite Safety and Construction Aids.
7. Building Plans and Codes.
8. Building Layout.
9. Concrete Form Construction.
10. Floor Framing.
11. Wall and Ceiling Framing.
12. Roof Framing.
13. Roofing.
14. Windows and Doors.
15. Siding and Decks.
16. Insulation and Ventilation.
17. Wall Finish.
18. Interior Finish.
19. Stair Framing and Finish.
20. Cabinets and Countertops.

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Carpentry DVD Set I (1-4) for Vogt/Brackett's Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry, 5th

The Carpentry DVD Series is an integrated part of the RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY: CARPENTRY, Fifth Edition, package. The comprehensive two-part DVD features eight videos that introduce viewers to carpentry and its applications. You'll find studio-quality graphics, clear step-by-step demonstrations, and graphics and animations that illustrate important concepts in a visually appealing way. DVDs are viewable using a standard TV DVD player or a computer DVD drive.

Carpentry DVD Set I (5-8) for Vogt/Brackett's Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry, 5th

Carpentry DVD Set I (5-8) for Vogt/Brackett's Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry, 5th

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Student Workbook for Vogt/Brackett's Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry

Student Workbook for Vogt's Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry, 5th

Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry DVD Set 2, Sampler


Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry DVD Set 1, Sampler


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