Empowerment Series: Social Work with Groups: Comprehensive Practice and Self-Care,
10th Edition

Charles Zastrow, Sarah L. Hessenauer

ISBN-13: 9781337567916 | ISBN-10: 1337567914

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| Published 2018

| 672 pages

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Build effective group leadership skills with the experiential and self-evaluation exercises in SOCIAL WORK WITH GROUPS. The authors discuss topics that are central to understanding group leadership: stages of groups, group dynamics, verbal and nonverbal communication, types of groups, and diversity in groups. With support from this book, your classroom becomes a "lab" where you can experience what it's like to work in and lead many kinds of groups. This edition also emphasizes self-care -- with 30 strategies that you can use to improve your, and your clients', well-being.

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Meet the Authors

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Charles Zastrow, MSW, PhD, is Professor Emeritus in Social Work at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, where he chaired the Social Work Department for six years. He has also been the Assistant Director and Professor in the Social Work Program at George Williams College in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Wisconsin, Dr. Zastrow has worked as a practitioner for various agencies, chaired social work accreditation site visit teams for the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), and served on the Commission on Accreditation of CSWE. He also was a member of the BPD board. A leader in social work education and a bestselling author, Dr. Zastrow has written more than 45 articles in professional journals as well as nine books, including four other textbooks: THE GENERALIST SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE, SOCIAL WORK WITH GROUPS, SOCIAL PROBLEMS: ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS, and UNDERSTANDING HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT (with Dr. Karen Kirst-Ashman).

Sarah L. Hessenauer, BSW, MSW, PhD, is an associate professor in social work at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She has been in the department for ten years and is currently chair of the department. She earned her BSW degree in 1990 from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, her MSW in 1991 from UW-Milwaukee, and her PhD in 2011 from Loyola University of Chicago. Dr. Hessenauer is a certified licensed clinical social worker in the state of Wisconsin, and has worked as a practitioner and administrator in a variety of mental health and addictions agencies. She is a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accreditation site visitor and a current member of NASW, BPD, and CSWE. She has authored several articles and is a reviewer for several social work journals.

  • New summaries recap the highlights of each chapter.
  • The tenth edition emphasizes the importance of social workers' self-care, with 30 strategies social workers can use to improve their own, and their clients', physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual well-being.
  • Content and exercises reflect the nine competencies and 31 practice behaviors in the Council on Social Work Education's 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards. Labeled icons throughout each chapter identify the competencies and behaviors being addressed; chapter-ending competency notes aid review by listing page numbers on which standards-related content appears.
  • Updated to reflect timely topics and current practice, this edition includes new material on motivational interviewing, evidence-based practice (throughout the text), benefits and disadvantages of group co-leadership, safeguarding human rights, and organizational effectiveness (structure versus leadership competency). There's also new discussion on the law of attraction -- how clients can improve their own lives by examining what they find valuable or attractive in a colleague or friend, and adopting those traits as their own.
  • Two kinds of exercises engage students directly. Individual questions and points for reflection ask students to build on the principles described and on their own experience. Group exercises describe a problem and provide the leader with a set of procedures or protocols to guide the group in addressing the problem.
  • This edition provides content and skill-building exercises that help students acquire the nine competencies and 31 behaviors of the 2015 EPAS. The text's assessment process facilitates evaluating students on the extent to which they're attaining the competencies and behaviors. Assessment results provide data needed to prepare self-study documents for accreditation.
  • Numbered learning objectives -- repeated throughout each chapter -- provide a roadmap that keeps students focused on the concepts and skills they need to acquire.
  • Boxed features on various aspects of groups are scattered throughout the book, providing students with a broad context for learning and for the acquisition of new skills.

Table of Contents

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1. Groups: Types and Stages of Development.
2. Social Group Work and Social Work Practice.
3. Group Dynamics: Leadership.
4. Group Dynamics: Goals and Norms.
5. Verbal and Nonverbal Communication.
6. Task Groups.
7. Working with Diverse Groups.
8. Self-Help Groups.
9. Social Work with Families.
10. Organizations, Communities, and Groups.
11. Educational Groups: With a Focus on Self-Care.
12. Treatment Groups.
13. Treatment Groups with Diverse and Vulnerable Populations.
14. Termination and Evaluation of a Group.
Appendix A: Group Treatment Theories Resource Manual.
Module 1. Rational Therapy in Groups.
Module 2. Behavior Therapy in Groups.
Module 3. Reality Therapy in Groups.
Module 4. Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Groups.
Appendix B: Answers to Group Exercises D-F in Chapter 6.

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