Sentence-Combining Workbook,
5th Edition

Pam Altman, Mari Caro, Lisa Metge-Egan, Leslie Roberts, Paige Wilson

ISBN-13: 9781337559904 | ISBN-10: 1337559903

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 224 pages

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You've heard that "practice makes perfect," yes? Practice definitely leads to improvement and builds confidence--and that's why this workbook is useful. SENTENCE-COMBINING WORKBOOK uses sentence-combining techniques to help you develop confidence in your writing. Each unit focuses on a sentence-level element followed by exercises involving a factual topic or story. You'll get the practice you need to communicate your ideas in clear and interesting sentences. You'll also develop the strength of your writing overall--and that's a good thing.

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Meet the Authors

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PAIGE WILSON, Associate Professor of English, is now primary author of Teresa Ferster Glazier's THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ENGLISH classic textbook series (currently in its 13th edition) and a new co-author of Pamela Altman's SENTENCE-COMBINING WORKBOOK (5th edition). Wilson has enthusiastically taught grammar, writing, and literature at Pasadena City College since 1986 and also works as a Writing Consultant/Grammar Expert for international and local companies.

  • Paige Wilson, co-author of THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ENGLISH: WRITING SKILLS, joins the team as a contributor to this fifth edition of SENTENCE-COMBINING WORKBOOK.
  • Wilson has helped to add, revise and update exercises and to clarify instructions throughout the text.
  • Space for student-generated sentences allows students to create their own thoughts and build essay-writing skills.
  • Review exercises at the ends of key units ask students to illustrate what they've learned so far using multiple sentence-combining skills. The exercises are grouped around a factual topic and guide students through a sequence of sentence-combining prompts that illustrate logical relationships between sentences.
  • Sentence-joining and sentence-modifying activities teach students to produce specific, concise, fluent sentences.
  • Exercise sets involving new scenarios give students the opportunity to develop their sentence variety in a creative context.
  • Some exercises within each unit use a narrative approach to show students how individual sentences operate in a larger context.

Table of Contents

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1. The Basic Sentence.
2. Recognizing Clauses.
3. Sentence Focus.
4. Joining Sentences with Coordinators.
5. Joining Sentences with Subordinators.
6. Joining Sentences to Show Comparison and Contrast.
7. Joining to Show Concession.
8. Showing Logical Relationships with Transition Words.
9. Joining Parallel Structures.
10. Modifying Nouns with Adjectives.
11. Modifying Nouns with Prepositional Phrases.
12. Modifying Nouns with Appositives.
13. Modifying Nouns with Adjective Clauses.
14. Modifying Sentences with Verbal Phrases.

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Sentence-Combining Workbook

  • ISBN-10: 1337559903
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