Surgical Instrumentation, Spiral bound Version,
2nd Edition

Nancymarie Phillips

ISBN-13: 9781285182537 | ISBN-10: 1285182537

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 528 pages

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Scrub in with SURGICAL INSTRUMENTATION, 2nd Edition! This text helps you understand surgical instruments, how and when to use them, the common instrument sets you’ll assemble for different types of surgeries, how to clean and disinfect instruments, and much more. Packed with hundreds of crisp, full-color instrument photos organized logically by surgery type, this book depicts common instruments alone, in collections, and disassembled with close-up views of key parts, making it easy for you to tell a scalpel from a lancet and create the ideal instrument sets for the surgery at hand. Be an unstoppable force in any surgical discipline with SURGICAL INSTRUMENTATION, 2nd Edition!

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Meet the Authors

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Nancymarie Phillips, RN, BA, BSN, MEd, PhD, RNFA, CNOR(E), is Professor Emeritus at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio, where she was Director of Perioperative Education and the Surgical Technology Program Director. A perioperative nurse since 1975, Dr. Phillips is a registered nurse and Registered Nurse First Assistant, and certified in perioperative nursing. Active in many areas of the nursing field, Dr. Phillips has held local and national positions with AORN, and the Competency and Credentialing Institute (previously the Certification Board for Perioperative Nursing), in addition to authoring and contributed to many articles, textbooks, and book chapters. She holds undergraduate degrees in health services and nursing from Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio, as well as masters and doctoral degrees in adult education and development from Cleveland State.

  • NEW Chapter. Added content on Decontamination and Sterilization gives scrub nurses, surgical techs, and other staff the confidence they need to ensure a sterile field in the OR, from cleaning and disassembling instruments to sterilizing and inspecting them, while observing the latest standards of practice.
  • ALL-NEW Images. More than a visual facelift, the second edition of SURGICAL INSTRUMENTATION has been completely overhauled, updating and replacing every image with full-color photographs that show commonly used surgical instruments in spotless detail.
  • Proper Naming Conventions. Every instrument is clearly labeled, individually, and with its official name to avoid confusing students with nicknames and other biases that can develop in specific regions over time.
  • Logical Categories. Organized by function and common surgery types, instruments are easier to find and more clearly organized than in other books, which makes SURGICAL INSTRUMENTATION a favorite resource for any surgical setting.
  • Useful Usage. Each section includes helpful discussion on how and when to use instruments, along with steps to follow that ensure critical safety for patients and surgical staff.
  • Super Sets. Chapters explain common foundation sets for different types of surgeries, walk students through how to evaluate their sets to add or remove instruments as needed, and make the OR team more efficient with the most practical instrument choices.

Table of Contents

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1. History of Surgical Instrumentation.
2. Anatomy and Physiology of Surgical Instrumentation.
3. Categories of Surgical Instrumentation.
4. Considerations for Instrument Set Assembly.
5. Soft Tissue Foundation Sets.
6. Plastic Surgery Instrumentation.
7. General Surgery Instrumentation.
8. Gynecologic Instrumentation.
9. Urologic Instrumentation.
10. Basic Bone and Joint Instrumentation.
11. Head and Neck Procedure Instrumentation.
12. Neurosurgery Instrumentation.
13. Cardiothoracic and Vascular Instrumentation.
14. Microsurgery Instrumentation.
15. Endoscopic Instrumentation.
16. Decontamination and Sterilization.

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