Today's Health Information Management: An Integrated Approach,
3rd Edition

Dana C. McWay

ISBN-13: 9780357510087 | ISBN-10: 0357510089

Copyright 2022

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| 560 pages

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As technology, legislation and industry practices continue to rapidly evolve, the health information management profession has become increasingly dynamic, complex and essential. McWay's TODAY'S HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: AN INTEGRATED APPROACH, 3rd Edition, helps you master the fundamental principles and cutting-edge practices required for success in this high-demand field. Reflecting the latest trends and best practices, the third edition includes new coverage of HIM careers, informatics, data privacy, the digital divide and digital literacy, data sets, information systems, CRISPR, assistive technology, the role of de-identified data and much more. New online and distance learning resources are also available. It's an ideal resource for aspiring technicians and managers as well as HIM professionals working toward a degree or certification.

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Meet the Authors

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Dana C. McWay, JD, RHIA, FAHIMA, is a lawyer and veteran health information management professional. A past member of the American Health Information Management Association board of directors, she served on several AHIMA committees, most recently the Professional Ethics and the Triumph Awards Committees. She was also a member of the Missouri Health Information Management Association's Legislative Committee and currently serves as a voting member of the Institutional Review Board at Washington University Medical School. Previously a director of medical records for a large teaching hospital and for-profit substance abuse facility, McWay led the charge to convert an outmoded, paper-based record management system to a modern electronic system. In addition to writing LEGAL AND ETHICAL ASPECTS OF HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, for which she received a Triumph Award from AHIMA, she has led several audio conferences and served as co-editor of online continuing education offerings. Licensed to practice law in Illinois and Missouri, McWay is currently the Clerk of Court for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Missouri and is one of three recipients of the Director's Award for Outstanding Leadership within the Federal Judiciary and the Director's Award for Excellence in Court Operations -- Mission Requirements.

  • Thoroughly revised, Chapter 10, Database Management, includes a discussion of scaling solutions to address the large size of databases and their proliferation; updates to the discussion of data sets; new material on health care data sets; and new coverage of data exchange.
  • Completely revamped, Chapter 11, Information Systems and Technology, integrates material on new trends affecting IT, including data and privacy, blockchain, CRISPR, nanobots, nanomedicine, satellite modems; digital divide and digital literacy; and the use of assistive technology.
  • A substantial revision to Chapter 6, Nomenclatures and Classification Systems, incorporates experience with ICD-10, the interplay of ethics with coding function and an updated explanation of various coding systems.
  • Chapter content has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the latest trends in health care and meet CAHIIM standards and competencies for accreditation.
  • Revisions to other chapters include an explanation of the European General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act in Chapter 3, Legal Issues; discussion of the strengthening of patient rights in the home health care context in Chapter 4, Ethical Standards; new material on information governance in Chapters 5, Health Care Data Content and Structures, and Chapter 12, Informatics; and new material on the use of data dashboards as part of data presentation discussion in Chapter 8, Health Statistics.
  • Significantly revised to reflect changes to the profession, Chapter 2, The Health Information Management Profession, discusses how knowing the flow of data influences HIM and its future. The careers section is also completely up to date.
  • The comprehensive update to Chapter 12, Informatics, addresses the promoting of interoperability as the natural progression from meaningful use; the role of de-identified data in interoperability; and technology trends including the digital divide as it applies to telemedicine.
  • The text's unique integrated approach features information on HIPAA, ARRA, ethics, GINA and informatics throughout, enabling students to easily relate key principles and practices to important real-world considerations that affect HIM professionals today.
  • Feature boxes encourage readers to apply text material to real-world situations, helping them sharpen their critical thinking skills as they draw from what they've learned to answer questions. Suggested answers to critical thinking exercises are provided in the Instructor Manual to help spark lively class discussion.
  • CourseMate available with quizzes, flashcards, and games to foster self-paced learning
  • Maps to current AHIMA curriculum domains and the Instructor Manual provide a curricular crosswalk for the RHIT and RHIA programs at the start of each chapter.
  • A generous use of real-world examples, case studies and hands-on enrichment activities throughout the text promotes critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Helping students maximize their study time, Confirm & Clarify Understanding exercises in every chapter reinforce essential concepts. Exercises include acronym review, true and false questions, multiple choice questions and matching pair review.
  • A generous use of real-world examples, case studies and hands-on enrichment activities throughout the text promotes critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Confirm & Clarify Understanding exercises equip students with the immediate ability to apply concepts learned in the textbook.

Table of Contents

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1. Health Care Delivery Systems.
2. The Health Information Management Profession.
3. Legal Issues.
4. Ethical Standards.
5. Health Care Data Content and Structures.
6. Nomenclatures and Classification Systems.
7. Quality Health Care Management.
8. Health Statistics.
9. Research.
10. Database Management.
11. Information Systems and Technology.
12. Informatics.
13. Management Organization.
14. Human Resource Management.
15. Financial Management.
16. Reimbursement Methodologies.

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