Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach,
6th Edition

Vaishali Singhal, Susan Kantz, Melissa Damatta

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Packed with step-by-step instructions, Singhal/Kantz/Phinney/Halstead's DENTAL ASSISTING: A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH, 6th Edition is the all-in-one resource that equips aspiring dental assistants with the knowledge and confidence for success. Dental assistants need to master many skills while taking on increasing responsibilities, from basic practices and procedures to advanced clinical competencies and patient safety -- and this book covers it all. Written to encompass CODA accreditation standards and DANB certification competencies, this complete learning system provides resources and tools that help you navigate the dental office while thinking on your feet. In addition MindTap's anywhere, anytime digital learning solutions enable you to learn on your own terms. Begin your future in dental assisting today!

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Meet the Authors

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Vaishali Singhal is an associate professor at Rutgers University's School of Health Professions (SHP) and Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM) in Newark, New Jersey. Teaching at the university since 2001, she serves as program director of the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program and Master of Science in gerontology at SHP as well as course director for Practice Management, Dentistry in the Community, and Ethics and Jurisprudence at RSDM. At the faculty practice of RSDM, Dr. Singhal specializes in treating patients with serious mental illness. In 2019 she completed her doctoral thesis at SHP, evaluating ways to improve the oral health of patients with serious mental illness. She completed a Master of Science in health sciences at Rutgers University in 2011 and received her DMD from the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in 1993. Her Ph.D. and M.S. programs included specialized courses in education, which is Dr. Singhal's passion.

Susan Kantz was a dental assisting program director for a private college and a high school career center. She also was an active HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) local advisor, and her students consistently placed in the top 10 -- and often in the top 3 -- at the National HOSA Leadership Conference. Dedicated to helping each student achieve their greatest potential, Ms. Kantz received both Teacher of the Year and Indiana HOSA Advisor of the Year honors. Prior to teaching, she worked as an EFDA in private practice at Indiana University School of Dentistry and Riley Children's Hospital Dental Clinic. She was the curriculum developer for the Indianapolis Public Schools Health Professions Center and a member of the Indiana Department of Education cadre that taught writing duties/task lists and articulation agreements to vocational instructors throughout the state. After retirement, Ms. Kantz worked as a dental assisting/dental hygiene adjunct instructor at Ivy Tech Community College. She completed her dental assisting and expanded dental assistant program at Indiana University School of Dentistry, earned an M.S. in allied health education from Indiana University and attended Indiana Wesleyan University Education Leadership Program.

Melissa Damatta began her career as a dental assistant at a young age. Her love of dentistry motivated her to return to school and pursue dental hygiene. Upon graduation, she immediately returned to school to pursue her second love -- education. She began her education career at Rutgers School of Health Professions as an adjunct in the department of Allied Dental Education, where she taught both clinical and didactic courses. During that time she sought out her CDA. After the program closed, she went on to teach in the dental hygiene program for Burlington County College in New Jersey. Currently, Ms. Damatta is an associate professor for the dental hygiene program at Community College of Philadelphia, where she serves as clinic coordinator for second-year students and teaches radiology and a preclinical course to first-year students. She has practiced dental hygiene for 18 years, with experiences in periodontal, pediatric and general dentistry. A former president of CNJDHA, she holds memberships in the ADHA and the ADEA. She continues to practice as a clinical dental hygienist for a private practice in New Jersey. Ms. Damatta completed her associate degree in applied science in dental hygiene at Middlesex County College in New Jersey, her BSHS – education track at UMDNJ (now part of Rutgers University) and her MSDH with an education concentration at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

  • Patient Dialogue: Modeling real-world scenarios, insightful Patient Dialogue features illustrate how dental professionals communicate with and treat the patient as the most important person in the office -- helping students understand that communicating effectively and professionally is an essential function of the dental assistant. Available in the Instructor Resources
  • All-New Chapters: More practical and relevant than ever, the 6th edition includes four new chapters: The Language of Dentistry; The Special Needs and Medically Compromised Patient; New Patient Examination; and Oral Prophylaxis and Recare Appointment.
  • Professional Encounters: Giving students valuable insights from the field, these features present dental concepts in the context of real-life experiences from professionals. Available in the Instructor Resources
  • Documentation: Preparing students for real-world practice, this helpful feature emphasizes the importance and legalities of documentation of most procedures the student will perform as a dental assistant.
  • Chapter Terms: Taking a unique approach, new Chapter Terms boxes at the beginning of each chapter provide word parts, phonetic pronunciations and definitions for each Key Term -- helping students build their medical terminology vocabulary and maximize their study time.
  • Interactive Skills: Help students learn more by doing!
  • Hands-On Workbook: Specially designed to coordinate with DENTAL ASSISTING: A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH, 6th Edition, the Student Workbook provides practice exercises to help your students sharpen their skills inside the classroom and at home.
  • Helpful Icons: Clearly visible, graphic icons in the readings point out information related to legal, safety, and infection control.
  • Colorful Insights: Packed with photos and dynamic, life-like illustrations, DENTAL ASSISTING: A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH, 6th Edition, depicts clinical settings and helps students envision the dental assisting career of their dreams.
  • Review Practice: Multiple-choice questions at the end of every chapter help students dive deep into topics and test their knowledge, while open-ended critical thinking questions allow them to blend chapter material with their own personal insights and judgment.
  • Thoughtful Issues: A variety of thought-provoking case studies enable students to put their newfound knowledge into action by finding solutions to problems and challenges from real-world practice.
  • Personalized Studies: Let students learn on their terms with MindTap, the anytime, anywhere digital learning solution that consolidates a variety of course materials into an individualized learning path! Available as an optional supplement, MindTap offers readings, multimedia and interactive activities designed to build skills and boost course success.
  • New and Updated Icons: Topics related to infection control, safety and legalities of dental practice are spotlighted with icons placed at the beginning of each section of the text where these key issues are discussed.
  • Thoughtful Issues: A variety of thought-provoking case studies present students with real-life scenarios and ask them to find solutions to problems -- putting their newfound knowledge to the test while probing deeper into the profession.
  • Recapped Points: Keeping students focused and productive, chapter summaries emphasize key ideas and highlight critical takeaways from the readings.
  • Systematic Detail: Step-by-step instructions walk students through proper procedures related to hand-washing, gloves, masks and protective eyewear, basic setup, expanded functions and dental assisting competencies.
  • Colorful Insights: Vibrant photos and lifelike illustrations give students an accurate vision of modern clinical settings and best practices for their future dental assisting careers.
  • Systematic Detail: Chapters include step-by-step instructions for proper procedures as they relate to handwashing, gloves, mask and protective eye-wear, basic setup, expanded functions, and dental assisting competencies.

Table of Contents

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0. The Language of Dentistry.
1. Introduction to the Dental Profession.
2. Psychology, Communication, and Multicultural Interaction.
3. Ethics, Jurisprudence, and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
4. General Anatomy and Physiology.
5. Head and Neck Anatomy.
6. Landmarks of the Face and Oral Cavity.
7. Embryology and Histology.
8. Dental Anatomy.
9. Oral Pathology.
10. Microbiology.
11. Infection Control.
12. Management of Hazardous Materials.
13. The Special Needs and Medically Compromised Patient.
14. Pharmacology.
15. Prevention and Management of Emergencies.
16. Oral Health and Preventive Techniques.
17. Nutrition.
18. The Dental Office.
19. Dental Instruments and Tray Systems.
20. Ergonomics and Instrument Transfer.
21. Moisture Control.
22. New Patient Examination.
23. Anesthesia and Sedation.
24. Oral Prophylaxis and Recare Appointment.
25. Coronal Polishing and Fluoride Application.
26. Dental Sealants.
27. Dental Radiographic Equipment and Safety Protection.
28. Production and Evaluation of Dental Radiographs.
29. Extraoral and Digital Radiography.
30. Dental Emergency Procedures and Dental Cements.
31. Amalgam Procedures and Materials.
32. Composite Procedures and Materials.
33. Dental Laboratory Materials.
34. Endodontics.
35. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
36. Dental Implants.
37. Orthodontics.
38. Pediatric Dentistry.
39. Periodontics.
40. Fixed Prosthodontics.
41. Computerized Impression and Restorative Systems.
42. Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening.
43. Removable Prosthodontics.
44. Dental Office Management.
45. Employment Strategies.

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Student Workbook for Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach

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