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Bruce Colbert, Kurtis Pierce

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| Published 2018

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Meet the Authors

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Bruce Colbert is an Associate Professor and Director of the Allied Health Care Department at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. The author of 10 traditional books, he also developed an interactive worktext and DVD program on student success. Focusing on such topics as stress and time management, he has presented more than 250 regional and national lectures and workshops devoted to professional skills, enhancing critical and creative thinking and effective decision-making. In addition, Mr. Colbert consults with educational programs to improve teaching effectiveness as well as presents active teaching workshops.

While working as a healthcare provider, Kurtis Pierce was afforded the opportunity to teach students. He found the experiences so enjoyable that he eventually pursued healthcare education as a career. He is currently the Director of Clinical Education for Respiratory Therapy, Assistant Director of Allied Health, and an instructor at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. He is most proud of the successes of his students who graduate to become leaders in their chosen field.

Table of Contents

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Module 1: Core Concepts of Disease.
Module 2: Mechanism of Disease.
Module 3: Core Concepts of Pharmacology.
Module 4: Drug Administration and Dosage Forms.
Module 5: Cancer and Antineoplastic Pharmacology.
Module 6: Pathopharmacology of the Musculoskeletal System.
Module 7: Pathopharmacology of the Integumentary System.
Module 8: Gastrointestinal Diseases and Medications.
Module 9: Pathopharmacology of the Endocrine System.
Module 10: Pathopharmacology of the Urinary System.
Module 11: Pathopharmacology of the Respiratory System.
Module 12: Pathopharmacology of the Cardiovascular System.
Module 13: Pathopharmacology of the Nervous System.
Module 14: Pathopharmacology of the Eyes and Ears.
Module 15: Pathopharmacology of the Reproductive System.

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