Strategic Human Resource Management,
5th Edition

Jeffrey A. Mello

ISBN-13: 9780357033913 | ISBN-10: 0357033914

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

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PRODUCT ONLY AVAILABLE WITHIN CENGAGE UNLIMITED. STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 5E offers a truly innovative, integrative framework that examines the traditional functional HR areas from a strategic perspective. This text is organized into two sections. The first section, Chapters 1-7, examines the context of strategic HR and develops a framework and conceptual model for the practice of strategic HR. The second section, Chapters 8-14, examines the actual practice and implementation of strategic HR through a discussion of strategic issues that need to be addressed while developing specific programs and policies related to the traditional functional areas of HR. Both the integrative framework that requires linkage between and consistency among these functional HR activities and the approach toward writing about these traditional functional areas from a strategic perspective distinguish the text from what is currently on the market.

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Jeffrey A. Mello is Dean of the School of Business and Professor of Management at Rhode Island College. He previous served as Dean of the School of Business at Siena College and the Andreas School of Business at Barry University. He has held faculty and administrative positions at The George Washington University, University of California at Berkeley, Towson University and Golden Gate University. He received a B.S., summa cum laude, from Boston University and an MBA and Ph.D. from Northeastern University. He has published in journals such as the Journal of Business Ethics, Business Horizons, International Journal of Public Administration, Business & Society Review, Journal of Employment Discrimination Law, Seton Hall Legislative Journal, Journal of Individual Employment Rights, Public Personnel Management, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, Labor Law Journal, Journal of Law and Business, Journal of Strategic Management Education, Journal of Human Resources Education and the Journal of Management Education. He currently serves on the editorial boards of four journals and has served as an editor for the Journal of Management Education, Journal of Legal Studies Education and Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal. He is a member of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, Society for Human Resource Management and the Academy of Management. In his corporate career, he held management and executive positions in the publishing, technology and retail industries and was Senior Vice-President of a privately-held human resource management consultancy. He has consulted with a variety of non-profit organizations, currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Rhode Island Renew Energy Initiative and Board of Trustees of the Rhode Island Zoological Society, and is a former semi-professional athlete.

Table of Contents

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1. An Investment Perspective of Human Resources Management.
2. Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management.
3. Strategic Management.
4. The Evolving/Strategic Role of Human Resource Management.
5. Strategic Workforce Planning.
6. Design and Redesign of Work Systems.
7. Employment Law.
8. Staffing.
9. Talent Management.
10. Performance Management and Feedback.
11. Compensation.
12. Labor Relations.
13. Employee Separation and Retention Management.
14. Global Human Resource Management.


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