Organisational Behaviour: Engaging People and Organisations,
1st Edition

Ricky W. Griffin, Jean M. Phillips, Stanley M. Gully, Andrew Creed, Lynn Gribble, Moira Watson

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Copyright 2021

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| 512 pages

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Organisational Behaviour: Engaging People and Organisations covers five levels of analysis: environment, individual, groups, leadership and organisation, and demonstrates how each area relates to one another. The text takes a contemporary approach to organisational behaviour – one that aims to understand, rather than control, human behaviour in organisations. It presents you with real-world workplace experiences and challenges the managerial perspective by discussing and examining issues for employees.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. Ricky W. Griffin serves as Distinguished Professor of Management and Blocker Chair in Business at Texas A&M. He received his Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the University of Houston. He has worked as editor of the Journal of Management and as an officer in the Southwest Regional Division of the Academy of Management and the Southern Management Association as well as in the Research Methods Division and the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management. Dr. Griffin spent three years on the faculty at the University of Missouri (Columbia) before moving to Texas A&M University in 1981. His research interests include workplace violence, employee health and well-being in the workplace and workplace culture. A well-respected author recognized for his organizational behavior and management research, Dr. Griffin has written many successful textbooks, including: MANAGEMENT, ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, HR, MANAGEMENT SKILLS, INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS, and INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS.

Dr. Jean Phillips is a professor of Human Resource Management in the School Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State University. Dr. Phillips earned her Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Michigan State University. She was among the top 5% of published authors in Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology during the 1990s, and she received the 2004 Cummings Scholar Award from the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management. Dr. Phillips is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She has served on multiple editorial boards of top journals and has published more than 30 research articles. She has authored nine books, including STRATEGIC STAFFING, ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, MANAGING NOW and the five-book STAFFING STRATEGICALLY series for the Society for Human Resource Management. Dr. Phillips was also the founding co-editor of the Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management series for Business Expert Press. She has taught classroom and hybrid classroom/online courses in strategic human resource management, organizational behavior, staffing, and teams and leadership in the United States, Iceland and Singapore. Her research interests focus on recruitment and staffing, leadership and team effectiveness and linking organizational survey results to business outcomes.

Dr. Stanley M. Gully was a professor of human resource management at Penn State University. Prior to joining the faculty in the School of Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State in 2014, Dr. Gully was a faculty member at Rutgers University (1998–2014) and George Mason University (1996–1998). He received his bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology from Michigan State University. He was elected Fellow of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2014 and was ranked by the Academy of Management as one of the top 50 most influential scholars who received their degrees since 1991. Dr. Gully's research interests included work at the interface between training and individual differences. His publications include articles in journals such as Personnel Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Applied Psychology and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. He also co-authored textbooks on strategic staffing, organizational behavior and human resource management. In addition, he co-authored a series of staffing books for SHRM and co-edited the Business Expert Press series. His refereed articles and chapters have been cited more than 4,900 times.

Andrew Creed, (PhD, Exon) teaches, researches and consults in organisational behavior, organisation development, sustainability, and international business in Australasia. Dr Creed has published in high impact journals, including Journal of Cleaner Production, Sustainability, Current Issues in Tourism, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, and European Business Review, and with top book publishers including, Cengage, Palgrave, Emerald, and previously with Oxford University Press and Wiley. He has extensive experience in businesses and educational settings in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Other roles have included Adjunct Associate Professor in the online MBA at University of Maryland University College in USA; teacher and instructional designer in the TAFE and ACE sectors in Australia; owner-manager of a bookshop, publishing and consulting businesses in Australia; member of a family-run health care practice; and an area manager in south-west Victoria for the federal government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS). Andrew has received several professional awards, including the 2006 and 2015 Vice Chancellor’s Award and commendation for Teaching and Learning at Deakin University. Andrew holds a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Deakin), PhD (University of Exeter, UK), Master of Business Administration (University of Maryland University College), and Bachelor of Science (University of the State of New York). He is active in his local community and in global collaborations.

Lynn Gribble is adjunct faculty at University of New South Wales having extensive career experience. From director-level roles in HR and training across a broad range of industries, including tourism, finance, communication services, retail, publishing, advertising, legal services and NFP in Australia and internationally. She has also gained a wealth of university teaching experience at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level including Doctoral supervision.

Dr Moira Watson is a seasoned academic, now in the School of Business and Governance at Murdoch University in Western Australia. She has served as Associate Dean Accreditation and Quality Standards, MBA Director, and on a range of committees. She earned her PhD from Edith Cowan University in management. She has taught a range of courses in organisational behaviour, leadership, change, and strategy at the undergraduate, master’s and executive master’s level using standard and hybrid technologies in Australia, Singapore, Dubai and Myanmar.

  • Ethical dilemma boxes present an ethical challenge that encourages students to think critically about ethical implications and promotes discussion
  • 'Guide your learning' questions at the beginning of each chapter encourage students to begin thinking about the topics ahead
  • End-of -chapter case studies with questions that ask students to reflect on the case from a mainstream and critical perspective teach students real-life applications while also asking them to think critically about the learning material
  • Griffin’s unique, integrated learning model captures levels of analysis not covered by the basic OB model therefore providing a more comprehensive and contemporary study of Organisational Behaviour
  • MindTap eLearning platform offers interactive experiential learning, as well as new opportunities for engagement and revision
  • The unique ‘critical perspective’ features challenge the traditional managerial perspective by introducing abstract ideas and encouraging critical thinking

Table of Contents

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1. An overview of organisational behaviour
2. Changing environment of organisations

3. Individual characteristics
4. Perceptions and reactions
5. Motivating behaviour

6. Groups and teams
7. Decision making and problem solving
8. Communication
9. Conflict and negotiation

10. Traditional and contemporary leadership
11. Power, influence, and politics

12. Organisation structure and design
13. Organisation culture
14. Organisational change and change management

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