Making the Most of Field Placement,
4th Edition

Helen Cleak, Jill Wilson

ISBN-13: 9780170417006 | ISBN-10: 017041700x

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 240 pages

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Learn how to get the most from your placements with this user-friendly text. Making the Most of Field Placement offers a practice-based approach to teaching and learning during placement experiences. Written for students and supervisors, it follows the stages of a placement from planning through to evaluation. The core practice issues and ideas discussed can be used for a wide range of fields including social work, welfare work, disability work, youth work, community work and other human services. Fully updated and with more discussion on how you can develop your practice framework, readers follow through the chapters as the placement progresses, or select specific chapters and exercises to enhance specific stages of the placement. Examples, checklists and exercises provide practical ideas that help students and supervisors to positively engage with each stage of the placement.

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Meet the Authors

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Helen Cleak is Senior Lecturer and former Director of Field Education at the School of Social Work and Social Policy, La Trobe University. She has worked as a social worker in income security, foster care, hospital and trauma work and family mediation. Dr Cleak has been actively involved in the teaching and training of students and supervisors for 18 years and collaborates closely with the other Victorian schools of social work to provide a coordinated approach to securing field placements. Her teaching and research interests include counselling and mediation skills, crisis intervention, suicidal behaviour, health care, ageing and professional practice.

Jill Wilson is Professor in the School of Social Work and Human Services at the University of Queensland. She has been involved in field education for over thirty years as a supervisor, researcher and co-ordinator of the field education program and as a lecturer in courses designed to train supervisors of staff and students.

  • Easier to navigate important content with NEW 2-colour design
  • Explore the application of theory and research in the field and how to cope with the challenges you will face with real practitioner stories in the NEW ‘Experience from the field’ boxes for students and supervisors
  • Identify issues and explore strategies to respond to any challenging situations with the NEW ‘Thinking about the issues’ boxes for students and supervisors
  • Updated to reflect the changing context of providing field placements to social work and human services students. Cleak and Wilson consider the more diverse models of supervision in the field today with NEW coverage of off-site and on-site supervision, especially in Chapters 2 and 12. Also expanded coverage on external and internal supervision in chapter 7
  • Expanded coverage of the difference between first and final placement in chapter 5
  • The order of chapters follows the field placement experience from pre-placement right through to finishing and evaluation so that the book can be used as a guide while the placement progresses. It addresses the range of critical learning issues that may emerge at each stage of field placement and suggests strategies to deal with these in order to improve the placement experience
  • Prepare for your field placement with examples of important forms and documents required for use in the field. These are also available online
  • Apply your understanding and reflect on your own experience by carrying out the exercises throughout each chapter. Exercises can be ‘For the student’, ‘For the supervisor’ and ‘for the student and supervisor’
  • Extend your reading by referring to the appendix listing reputable websites and key organisations

Table of Contents

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Part 1: Pre-placement planning
1. Preparing for placement – student
2. Preparing for placement – supervisor
Part 2: Beginning placement
3. Getting started – student
4. Getting started – supervisor
5. Charting the course for placement – contracts and agreements
Part 3: Teaching and learning on placement
6. Critical reflection for teaching and learning
7. Developing good supervisory practices
8. Teaching and learning tools
9. Linking learning and practice in placement
Part 4: Methods and contexts of practice
10. Community work
11. Research and policy
12. Rural and international placements
Part 5: Keeping on course
13. Challenging issues in supervision
14. Working with cultural and power differences
15. Ethical and legal issues
Part 6: Evaluating, assessing and finishing placement
16. Assessment and evaluation – students and supervisors
17. Finishing well

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Making the Most of Field Placement

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