Construction Skills,
2nd Edition

Glenn Costin

ISBN-13: 9780170376709 | ISBN-10: 0170376702

Copyright 2017

| Published 2017

| 240 pages

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New tradies learn to stay safe with comprehensive coverage of the technical and regulatory changes that students and teachers need to know about working safely at heights, on scaffolding and elevated work platforms, and with powder-actuated tools. Construction Skills 2e is designed for easy student learning with end-of-chapter worksheets, explanation and definition of terms, coverage of regulation and codes, real-world examples and practical demonstrations. The author covers core units and important safety areas from Certificate III in Carpentry/Carpentry and Joinery, Certificate III in Plumbing and across the trades. Written to competency units: - CPCCCM2010: Work safely on scaffolding higher than two metres - CPCPCM2055A: Work safely on roofs - CPCCCM2007B: Use explosive power tools - CPCCCM3001: Operate elevated work platforms up to 11 metres - CPCCCM2008B: Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding The bestselling Building Skills series addresses the key competencies of the Certificate III in Carpentry. Series titles are built for learning with colour photographs and illustrations, online tools, and concepts explored in context to help student understanding. Work Health and Safety (WHS) icons identify critical points for concern and student activities help them apply the knowledge and skills. The Worksheets at the end of each chapter are a resource for teachers and trainers to provide formative assessment and feedback on learner progression.

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Meet the Authors

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Glenn Costin is a Senior Lecturer within Deakin University’s School of Architecture and Built Environment. Prior to this, Glenn was at Riverina Institute of TAFE for 24 years where he delivered courses of all levels in construction trade, post trade and pre-apprenticeship. Glenn was also heavily involved in World Skills Australia as the Chief Judge and National and regional designer of carpentry for a decade. He is well regarded in the education community.

  • Review developed in consultation with a range of experienced teachers and industry professionals, ensuring a cleaner text and corrections to thefirst edition.
  • Revised student-friendly text, retaining critical detail that aids teaching delivery: for those who are experienced or those that are new to the subjects.
  • Full colour production for greater clarity in drawings, photographs and other images
  • Updated information relating to codes, regulations and standards
  • Improved glossary and overall layout of information within chapters.
  • Resources guide
  • NEW Key Points boxes highlight important facts
  • Concepts are explored in trade-like scenarios; the underpinning 'how' and 'why' is there to support the understanding of 'what'.
  • New chapter-opening structure clearly indicates which competency is addressed and the pre-requisites required
  • Additional question banks for extra testing and homework setting
  • Extended material to support teachers in the delivery of these subjects, covering the 'what if', critical to understanding of dangerous aspects of the industry
  • All the technical and regulatory changes for four high risk skill areas that teachers and students need to be aware of are covered.
  • Detailed mapping grid with text content and worksheets mapped to competencies so that teachers may use questions for assessing student knowledge

Table of Contents

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1.Working safely at heights
2. Powder actuated tools
3. Elevating work platforms
4. Limited height scaffolding

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