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How it works...

The Classroom Presentation Tool

Contains in-class activities that build on new language

learned on the app, and include discussion topics and

projects that encourage learners to express themselves

thoughtfully and confidently in English.

Learn English with TED Talks

is a supplemental

resource for English language learning courses

featuring a video-based language learning app that

helps learners understand and discuss powerful ideas

from TED Talks in the classroom.

With easy-to-use classroom resources such as a

Classroom Presentation Tool, lesson plans and


Learn English with TED Talks


any English language curriculum. It is the ideal tool for

flipping your classroom and inspiring your learners to

find their own voice in English.

Teacher Resource Website

Contains the following downloadable material:


Detailed lesson plans available for 30, 60

and 90-minute classes for every TED Talk


Worksheets that support in-class activities


Correlations to popular National

Geographic Learning titles


An implementation guide with suggestions

on how to best utilise the classroom

content to really get the most out of the


Learn English with TED Talks Electronic Access Code (9-Months)


Learn English with TED Talks Printed Access Code (9-Months)


Classroom Presentation Tool (USB)


Learn English with

TED Talks App


40 Talks across 4 levels


Interactive transcripts help learners

understand powerful ideas from

TED Talks


Learners practice new vocabulary,

grammar and speaking strategies

independently and prepare for discussion

in the classroom


Carefully-sequenced language lessons

work with any existing curriculum at

4 levels of fluency


Every lesson is downloadable and

available for offline use