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Teach learners

how to use English


Dear Educator,

The world is an amazing place that inspires curiosity

andmotivates learning. At National Geographic

Learning, our mission is to bring the world into the

classroom and the classroom to life – and we believe

that through authentic and compelling content,

learners will be amazed, fascinated andmotivated

to learn English and about the world around them.

In our learningmaterials, we focus on real content

that teaches English effectively and introduces

new places, stories, ideas and people from around

the globe. By experiencing the world through our

materials, students will better be able to understand

it. In this century, skills beyond learning a language

are just as essential as the language itself. We want

learners to develop these 21st century skills and

become global citizens that will change the world

for the better in the future.

We hope to give students reasons to communicate

and the tools to do so effectively. We want each

learner to find her or his voice in English, and to use

it to successfully navigate this incredible world, in

whatever goals she or hemay have – work, study or


From kindergarten to university and beyond, you

will find new and excitingmaterials throughout this

catalog. We teach English and we teach the world –

welcome to National Geographic Learning.

The National Geographic LearningAsia Team